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Extreme Off Road Package - Fits 2015-2019 Subaru Outback

Extreme Off Road Package - Fits 2015-2019 Subaru Outback

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Elevate your Subaru Outback's off-road prowess with our meticulously tested RalliTEK kits, featuring premium suspension hardware for mountain climbs, trail traversals, and dune conquests. Rest assured, your Subaru gains the ultimate advantage in overland adventures across all climates.


Included Parts:

2in Lift Kit (3in Total):

RalliTEK 100071 Easy-to-install lift kit for 2015-2019 Outback, boosting ground clearance and maintaining alignment with Bilstein B6 shocks and RalliTEK springs. Perfect for tackling diverse terrains.


HD Adjustable Toe Arms:

Tested for stock, lifted, and lowered applications, these arms enhance off-road performance. Built for durability with 3/16” steel, dual-process powder coating, MIG welding, and a unique design.


HD Adjustable Trailing Arms:

Rugged construction for 4x4 trails, these arms work seamlessly with stock, lifted, and lowered setups, providing durability and reliability.


Extended/Adjustable Front HD End Links:
Specifically designed for lifted applications, these end links reduce suspension slop and increase side-to-side response. Compatible with factory or aftermarket sway bars.

Engine and Transmission Skid Plates:
1/8" thick laser-cut aluminum plates contour and protect vital motor parts, ensuring resilience on both paved roads and dirt trails.

Rock Sliders:
Overbuilt for maximum protection, these rock sliders utilize high-quality tensile steel, two-step powder coating, and a slip-resistant texture. Minimal ground clearance loss with a robust design.


EZCam™ from Specialty Products:

Make a two-bolt strut adjustable up to ±1.75° camber. A cost-effective, quick, one-person job without grinding, featuring a Hex Chromate-free finish and easy orientation markings.


Installation Services:

Need these parts installed? Contact RalliTEK / PRE Racing for a quote on professional installation: or (503) 619-0055.

Limited Time Bonus:

Purchase the Extreme Off-Road Package and receive RalliTEK / Overland Vehicle Systems gear for FREE! Elevate your Subaru's adventure with confidence and top-tier performance. 

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