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Backwoods Adventure Mods

Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen (2016-2023) Hi-Lite High Clearance Rear Bumper

Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen (2016-2023) Hi-Lite High Clearance Rear Bumper

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Introducing our brand new high clearance rear bumper for the 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma. Our rear bumper is built and designed to take all of your trail abuse and look good while doing it. It's vital to add protection to your vehicle, especially to the long rear end of a truck because of its not so great departure angle. This bumper requires a bedside cut and replaces the vulnerable, weak sheet metal with steel all along the perimeter. 

In addition to added protection, you also gain a significant amount of clearance to further increase your departure angle. All of our bumpers come with black powder coat, and all of the hardware and extra pieces you will need for the install.

This bumper does NOT work with the rear factory sensors.




  • All one piece, steel construction
  • Requires a bedside cut
  • Included edge trim
  • Included license plate tag lights
  • Included trailer wiring harness extension
  • Recessed trailer wiring plug on inside of bumper
  • x2 steel side braces that tie the wings of the bumper to the frame
  • All grade 8 hardware
  • Fits 2 of our Pathfinder flush mount scene lights [SOLD SEPARATELY]
  • Integrated 2" receiver behind flip up license plate
  • Holes for license plate or a flip up license plate bracket (sold separately)
  • 2 steel 3/4" thick recovery shackle mounts
  • Total weight: 140lbs

Backwoods Adventure Mods

Backwoods Adventure Mods sells the best aftermarket Toyota Tacoma 2016+ rear bumpers for all your off-roading adventures. We make the finest aftermarket rear bumpers on the market today. Our bumpers are built in the USA at our high-tech facility in Springdale, Arkansas. We use advanced technologies to achieve precision and consistency in every bumper we build.

Boosting Your Bumper

The rear bumper on your Toyota Tacoma was not built for serious off-roading. The factory standard bumper doesn’t provide the ground clearance or departure angles you need to pass safely and successfully over high obstacles, nor will it offer sufficient protection from the hazards you meet while overlanding. The solution is a rear bumper mod from Backwoods Adventure Mods. Our precision-engineered Tacoma aftermarket bumpers will go with you everywhere and get you and your vehicle home again, still looking good.

Both stunning, black-powder-coated Hi-Lite rear bumpers can take all the trail abuse you throw at them and then some. Our Hi-Lite Tacoma bumper features an exclusive hybrid design that includes both aluminum and steel. The body of the bumper is corrosion-resistant aluminum that is lightweight and won’t interfere with your suspension or the vehicle’s performance. The frame mounts are made from solid carbon steel, providing the extra strength you need. The Hi-Lite overland rear bumper is also available in a High Clearance model that gives you maximum ground clearance. This full-width all-steel rear bumper adds the critical ground clearance serious off-roaders need.

Your Tacoma was built to last a long time; your Tacoma aftermarket bumpers will add even more years. Backwoods Adventure Mods sells the finest Tacoma Overlanding mods available on the market today. Our unique products give you a precision fit every time. Our aftermarket Toyota Tacoma Hi-Lite rear bumpers give you the freedom you crave to go anywhere and do anything.

Call us with your questions about the Hi-Lite rear bumps, and then shop our selection of off-roading mods and accessories today.

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