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upTOP Overland

upTOP Overland | flyBOX Mounting System

upTOP Overland | flyBOX Mounting System

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All of that roof top real estate starts to get pretty congested when you park roof top tents, storage boxes, and awnings up there. Once you're completely dialed in for camping, where do you put your rod locker?

With the upTOP flyBOX Mounting System you get a rugged, versatile mounting system that let's you "float" the rod lockers off the side of your vehicle freeing up that roof rack surface area for all the other stuff you need to take along for the perfect adventure.

The modular design gives you the option of suspending (hanging from the top) the rod locker over the side of the vehicle to maximize space when needed while also allowing you to mount the rod locker perched on top of the brackets  so that it's tucked tight over the roof line when you aren't carrying around larger pieces of gear and it does that while not interfering with your scenePOD lighting or access to your grab handles.

Adding just 1.5" of height to your rod locker system these robust brackets are formed stainless steel with reinforced welds so that you can easily carry rod lockers holding up to six fly rods with confidence and the black powder coated finish gives a stealth appearance that will stand up to abuse.

What rack systems will this work with?

The included mounting hardware will work with all upTOP roof and TRUSS bed rack systems, as well as Prinsu roof racks.  Additional mounting slots are built in to allow easy attachment to Front Runner and Rhino Rack roof rack systems as well, although brand specific mounting hardware will be required for those applications, and is not included with this kit.

Which rod lockers can I use?

Ask ten people and you'll get ten different answers about the best rod locker out there. Fortunately the common denominator is the way the bodies are constructed. To make rod lockers rigid enough to protect your expensive fishing outfits most of the reputable brands use aluminum extrusion for the bodies. Those extrusions have mounting slots built into them that are perfect for our flyBOX Mounting System. In most cases you won't have any trouble attaching your rod locker to the flyBOX using the hardware that comes with your rod locker. Some of the more obscure brands may require additional hardware to be sourced on your end. The list is always growing but we can confirm the following brands are compatible, even if they need a little extra hardware and ingenuity:

Riversmith Shortcut, Standard, and Euro (Factory hardware compatible)

Thule Rod Vault (Additional hardware may be required)

Trxstle CRC v3.0 (Factory hardware compatible)

BSRB All current models. (Requires T bolt kit/sit in place configuration)

See the attached dimensional drawings for information that can be helpful in determining compatibility with rod lockers that might not be listed.


What's in the box?

(2) flyBOX mounting brackets

(1) Hardware kit for 10 series cross bar

Rod locker pictured for product illustration purposes only. Not included with purchase. This product is a mounting system intended to be used with various fly rod locker systems and will not function as a stand alone item.







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