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upTOP Overland

upTOP Overland | Secure RACK Locking System

upTOP Overland | Secure RACK Locking System

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Designed to complicate and deter the theft of tools and other gear you leave installed on your ROOF rack the Secure RACK comes with everything you need to attach these over molded stainless steel cables to the load bars in your roof rack system.

The provided tamper resistant fasteners use a tool pattern that would be thieves would be very unlikely to have in their kit.

The included authentic FORGE TSA locks can be set to have the same combinations giving you quick access to your tools without the need for fumbling around with keys. 

18 Inch (45.7cm) cables with machine crimped connectors make pulling the cables apart virtually impossible.

Available in 2, 4, or 8 piece kits including all required hardware for attaching to any standard 10 series (upTOP/Prinsu) load bar channel you can install these in any location next to the gear that needs to be Secure.

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