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Underbody Protection Package - Fits 20-23 Subaru Crosstrek

Underbody Protection Package - Fits 20-23 Subaru Crosstrek

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Include Dome Washers

Our Underbody Protection Package for the 20-23 Subaru Crosstrek includes our engine, transmission, and differential skid plates. This triple protection off-road armor package forms a highly durable underbody protection kit with a much larger coverage area than other skid plates on the market. These undercarriage skid plates will protect your Subaru from costly trail damage and are highly corrosion-resistant over steel skid plates.

These aluminum Subaru skid plates are proudly manufactured in the USA and are the most durable underbody protection on the market. Our skid plate design is a bolt-on system that seamlessly integrates onto your vehicle's underbody for a nearly impenetrable armor package. With this Subaru armor, you can focus on the trail ahead instead of worrying about vehicle damage. When adding off-road suspension to your Subaru to be more capable of adventuring further, RalliTEK body armor parts are mandatory to add to your vehicle.

  • Engine, transmission, and differential skid plates
  • Full bolt-on design, no cutting or drilling
  • Made from high-strength 1/8” thick aluminum
  • Maximum underbody coverage than other designs
  • Increased protection in common strike areas
  • Little to no loss in ground clearance
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
*** Our skid plates will clear Killer B oil pans ***

Our RalliTEK skidplates are proudly built and tested in the USA!

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