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upTOP Overland

upTOP Four Pack rackLIGHT White/Amber

upTOP Four Pack rackLIGHT White/Amber

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With proper lighting for your overland roof rack being such a critical decision why do you have to commit to one color that might not always be the right tool for the conditions you find yourself in along the way? Choosing the upTOP rackLIGHT means you will have both white and amber LED in one powerful package producing up to 400 lumens of perfectly tinted light to keep Mother Nature in check.

 Why do I want white? White is the proper choice for forest roads and trails with limited dust and warmer climates with little to no snow. White light transmits further making it the right selection for fair weather.

 Do I need Amber? Amber lights don't reflect off airborne particles the same way that white rock lights do making amber LED great at penetrating dust, rain, and snow making amber the clear winner for inclement weather.

 With the upTOP rackLIGHT you'll be ready for anything. Our dual function solution has been designed from the ground up to be the most versatile rock light for overland roof racks available today. The perfect companion to the upTOP scenepod for ambient lighting in the output intensity and colors you need.

This bundle includes four (4) upTOP rackLIGHTS with selectable white/amber output.

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